Monday, August 15, 2011

Think Positive. Be Positive. Become Healthy.

It has been estimated that 90% of physical issues have their roots in emotional issues. The most common negative emotional results related to cancer are unresolved anger, resentment and the refusal to forgive or accept. Negative emotional charge ironically does far damage to the mind and the body. The feeling of anger produces a clenching sensation in the body and a constrictive energy at a cellular level. Cells can only be in either contraction or growth, and emotional negativity shuts down the cell's ability to grow and thrive. This constricted posture causes the body to be much more vulnerable to disharmony and disease.

Another emotional contributor to cancer is prolonged exposure to conditions of stress and anxiety. From an article on the Alternative Cancer Care website: "Prolonged inner stress causes a chain reaction process within the body's cells that leads to the breaking of the cell's oxygen krebs cycle leading to cancer cell mutations. And it is the continued holding onto stress within the body that keeps the cancer cells alive. If you can remove the internal stress from the body, stress hormone cortisol levels and adrenaline levels will return to normal. This will restore the cell's oxygen krebs cycle, meaning normal cells will no longer mutate into cancer cells within the body.”

Look towards alternative treatments to rid yourself of negative emotions and focus on the positives in life. Some things can be overlooked in a medical diagnosis—so the more things you can do for yourself, body and mind, the better off you will be as a whole!
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