Monday, July 18, 2011

Organically Healthy

When suffering from a chronic illness, opting for organic foods and products is one simple way to ensure you are as healthy as possible. Organic foods, clothing, beauty supplies and household items are ideal for minimizing health risks linked to the environment. When choosing to go organic, making small changes in your buying habits can make a big difference in your health and the impact of pesticides on or in your body.

Getting Started

Opting for a vegan lifestyle can eliminate many toxins from the body, and reduce the amount of synthetic additives that you are exposed to on a daily basis. For instance, by eliminating chicken and beef you can also reduce the amounts of steroids and antibiotics that you are exposed to, since these animals are often treated with hormones to enhance their growth and maintain health in crowded conditions. Organic, vegan foods are also among the healthiest options, but you may need to research your nutritional needs to be sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need from food when choosing a vegan lifestyle.

The vegan food pyramid
is one simple solution to determining what types of foods you need to include on a daily basics—it is here you can also find a lot of information about living a vegan lifestyle. Vegan diets are often much higher in antioxidants and other nutrients that have the potential to increase disease life expectancies such as mesothelioma, breast cancer, diabetes, as well as offering other benefits.

The Benefits of Vegan Diets

A vegan lifestyle can be beneficial in many ways. Perhaps the most important aspect of a vegan diet is that you may experience lower risk of heart attacks
, a lower weight than non-vegans, and increased overall health and well-being. For optimum health benefits, you will also want to opt for vegan and organic cleaning supplies, clothing, and beauty products.

Organically healthy, vegan cleaning supplies, for instance, are made from all natural sources, such as coconut, parsley and tea tree essential oil. Vegan recipes for cleaning solutions that you can use at home often include basic ingredients that you already have in the kitchen, such as vinegar and baking soda. Some people switching to a vegan lifestyle may fear living a life of eating tasteless tofu and drinking water, but the reality is that you still have access to most of the flavors available from Mother Nature.

Vegan Tastes

When choosing a vegan diet, you will begin to use more flavors than you may have in the past. Fresh, organic herbs like garlic and rosemary can transform something as simple as organic chickpeas into a delicious meal. Your diet definitely won't be bland when you experiment with new flavors, allowing you the best dishes without sacrificing health.

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