Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Downward Dog

You may be wondering how simple things like yoga, meditation or even controlled breathing helps fight illnesses. While there are many technical aspects to the details, it can also be explained in a general manner.

Simply put, yoga and meditation helps patients reduce their stress and improve their sense of well-being. Of course, you may know that stress is detrimental to the immune system, disallowing it to effectively perform its natural functions. Stress is primarily a direct result of anxiety and pain; therefore, because anxiety is a neurological condition, patients must learn to control their mental behaviors. When stress and anxiety are eliminated, your body's immune system can effectively fight cancer cells, though it may not completely cure them without the help from orthodox treatments.

Additionally, because yoga can help reduce stress, it allows doctors to have more time to apply their own treatment methods. The reduced stress and greater sense of well-being will help your body to accept effective treatments. 

People who practice yoga report a deeper sense of spirituality, which is important to remain positive. Therefore, yoga can help patients feel comfortable with their condition without worry for the future. This sense of peace helps lower blood pressure, heart rate and even headaches.

One thing worth mentioning is that there are different types of yoga practices. Each style of yoga concentrates on a different aspect of life: Wisdom, meditation, service and devotion. For example, hatha yoga is the yoga of meditation. It is the most commonly practice yoga style in America and it is the style that helps patients relax and remain positive.

A lot of positivity never hurt anybody!


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    Your article looks very good. To remain happy is the prime aim of everyone. Working towards achieving the same is a wonderful journey revealing lot of knowledge about ourselves. I truely appreciate your views and wish you all success in your efforts to reveal Truthful Living Style to your readers.